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Hello, I am girl that runs a multi-fandom fandom blog that reblogs anything I find funny or just generally like. I reblog a lot of Transformers and Star Wars: the Clones Wars things right now, mainly gifs or fan art. Right now I'm not very active on this tumblr but I try to come on as often as I feel like. Sometimes I post artwork or AMV's I have done, if you wish to look at them I have them tagged as "My Stuff".

I am an anti feminist and very much against modern feminism for quite a few reasons. I do not like modern feminism is that to many people have twisted it from it's original meaning, turning it from a fight about equality to a hatred for men. Many people calling themselves feminists have done horrible things in the name of feminism and I do not wish to be part of a movement where too many find this to be okay or right.